3 Ways to Stop Stress Eating

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There are different ways to control emotional eating and turn your stress into a more positive experience. But all three methods require you to examine and change your habits. So you need to be committed if you want to stop stress eating for good.

Find the source of stress. Many people have stress triggers that cause them to eat. Perhaps there are relationship issues that cause pain. Or perhaps family or work stress has gotten out of control. If you can identify your triggers, then you can take active steps to tackle stress before it gets out of control.

Find new ways to relieve stress. Once you know what causes you to eat more, set up healthy systems to avoid eating in those situations. Learn healthy ways to relax and reward yourself.  For example, if your work environment is stressful. Identify one friend who can walk with you during your lunch hour to avoid excess calories and promote healthy activity.

Get help for emotional stress. If your own methods don't stop stress eating, don't be afraid to ask for help. Many social workers and psychologists are trained specifically to deal with emotional eaters and find solutions to curb the habit.

One thing that usually does not help control stress eating is waiting and hoping that it will change. Take active steps today to tackle emotional eating and find new healthy habits to manage stress.

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