Green Tea and Skin Care

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Skin care products containing green tea are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. It has amazing benefits for the skin and this is enough to make it a desirable ingredient in cosmetics, but there are other reasons to look for it, too. 


Natural skin care remedies made with green tea are also popular, particularly since people are starting to learn about all of the chemical additives and petrochemicals included in their favorite cosmetics. 


The inclusion of toxins, allergens and irritants had been commonplace until recently, but most people were unaware of these skin care ingredients. Consumer protection organizations such as the Environmental Working Group and the Compact for Safe Cosmetics have drawn attention to those unsafe ingredients.


Using products that contain them may increase our risk of cancer, cause or contribute to birth defects and cause emotional problems, because of the effect that fragrance ingredients have on the central nervous system.


In a recent California case, five different brands of supposedly natural organic skin care cleansers were found to contain 1-4 Dioxane, a known carcinogen. The cause was the use of ethylene oxide, a petrochemical, during the manufacturing process.

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