Younger Skin with Green Tea

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As I mentioned above, there are many reasons to look for green tea as ingredient in cleansers and creams. The antioxidant activity should help prevent and repair damage from UV rays of sunlight. Green tea skin care products typically have a light natural scent that may help improve a person’s mood or prove to be invigorating, when added to a cleanser.


In addition to using skin care products, anti-aging specialists insist on the benefits of drinking green tea for skin. Drinking four to five cups a day will help to fight free radicals, boost the metabolism and lose weight as there are no calories in it. It will also help to look younger, delaying aging skin in the process.

Apart from helping the skin green tea has other benefits for the body:

1. Improves dental health

2. Stimulates blood circulation

3. Antibacterial

4. Astringent

5. Stimulant effect due the caffeine content

6. Diuretic

7. Protects the liver

8. Protects form cancer and some heart related conditions

9. Diminish cholesterol

10. Effective for eye problems, sun-burning and fertility

11. Improves digestion


On the other hand is not recommended for people suffering from insomnia, nerves, arrhythmia, anemia, gastric ulcer, stomach pains and in the first months of pregnancy.

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