Do men lose belly fat when they drink green tea?

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The results of a 12 week double blind study involving Japanese men who drank green tea over a twelve week period came to the startling conclusion that a daily consumption of green tea with 690 mg catechins for a twelve week period actually reduces body fat within the belly region.


The exciting results lead to the conclusion that green tea could indeed be used as a successful tool in the fight against obesity. But don't think of green tea as the ultimate weight loss tool and dash out to buy yourself a bottle of advertised "Super Duper Green Tea Diet Pills".


Further studies have shown that those individuals who drink green tea throughout the day actually have a better weight loss result than those individuals who take green tea in a pill form. These studies also showed that it was a combination of exercise and green tea which produced the greatest results.


Note also that the caffeinated green tea worked better than the non caffeinated green tea for reducing belly fat in men who consumed it on a daily basis.


So if you want to lose a little of your extra belly fat in your next healthy weight loss program then you may want to include the addition of green tea into your diet plan. Put your feet up, sip a cup of green tea, and lose your belly fat while you do it.


So Why did Men Lose Belly Fat When They Drank Green Tea?

It is actually the catechins which are believed to help so tremendously in the reduction of belly fat in men. Catechins are plant polyphenols or Tannins. They are what causes the bitter or tart taste in a strong cup of tea or a glass of wine.


Catechins are also powerful antioxidants which are extremely efficient in combining with the free radicals within the human body. In reducing the free radical activity within the body antioxidants can help to improve your health, and perhaps even your longevity. The catechins speed up your body's fat burning capability and they are extremely high in green tea. Associated with weight loss they are particularly noted for being beneficial in the loss of the all too difficult to lose belly fat.

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