Green Tea Cures Alcohol Hangover

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During the ancient times, tea has been long used as the traditional medicine because tea has Catechins, an antioxidant substance and other healing properties to treat various common illness and minor problems. One cup of hot tea helps to reduce bones aching, bring down flu or cold during winter season and rainy days.


What is alcohol drinks?

Alcohol comes in many forms.

Light alcohol beverages such as grape wine, contains less than 1% alcohol substance and it does not make a person gets drunk at all.

Grape wine is similar to pop soda drinks or Shandy, a little alcohol to bring the zest into the carbonated drinks.

On the other hand, heavy alcohol beverages which contain more than 10% alcohol substance could easily induce a person into a drunkard if he drinks too much or too fast at the shortest time.

Literally, "too fast" indicates the alcohol beverage is drank in one shot or one gulp and continuously, one after another glass )

Alcohol gives a person numbing action to express his feelings unwillingly, erasing understanding of sober mind, increasing courage gradually to do some actions which is beyond his normal behavior, feeling upset over a conversation which he misunderstood.

Hence, this is a common scene in drunkard brawl and accidents happen unexpectedly.


What is Alcohol Hangover?

The liver often goes overdrive as it tries to filter out toxins from alcohol consumed.

Consequently, a drunkard experiences alcohol hangover; feeling extremely thirsty, upset stomach, nausea and sometimes induce to vomit because alcohol dehydrates body fluids. Hangovers are caused by drinking too much alcohol. A single alcoholic drink is enough to trigger a hangover for some people, while others may drink heavily and escape a hangover entirely.


What causes alcohol hangover. There are many reasons that may result to an alcohol hangover.


Alcohol causes more urine: Alcohol will stimulate your body to urinate more. Hence, it will lead to dehydration, feeling thirsty, dry throat and dry lips. It often accompanied with headache and dizziness.


Alcohol interrupts your emotion control and physical abilities: The amount of alcohol toxin would cause disruption with your physical abilities such as unable to concentrate with your sight, forgetful memory, lack of emotional control. Most drunkards usually couldn't control their anger, spouting nonsense , scolding strangers with vulgar words. They get agitated over trivial matters easily.


Alcohol irritates your digestive system. Alcohol drinks are high in acidic and gases, causing stomach pain, vomiting and bloating tummy.


Alcohol induce feeling sleepy: You will feel sleepy, headache, groggy and tired. However, you may not feel comfortable at sleeping as your body may feel hot and sweaty.


How does Tea Help in Alcohol Hangover?

However, a drunkard may feel that tea taste bitter and awful because his tongue and other senses were overcome and numbed by alcohol effect.


In order to overcome alcohol hangover, tea plays an important role to relieve alcohol effects and to sober up a drunkard’s mind. Tea has the ability to cool down and detoxify liver by flushing out alcohol accumulated in the body through urination.


Furthermore, tea does not dehydrate a person’s body, unlike alcohol and coffee. The reason is, tea produces water to all over the body system, helping the liver to function well with sufficient fluids and strengthen the blood flows too.


Besides that, tea has caffeine and theanine, two elements that induce calming effect to reduce headache, groggy vision and helps to refresh a person’s mind and consciousness mentally.


The caffeine in tea, especially green tea, helps to open and widen the blood vessels in your brain, so that the pressure that keeps throbbing your nerve muscles would be reduced.


Hence, the irritating headache gradually disappears. Tea also helps to strengthen the body stability physically, able to walk and stand steadily. If you still feel weak, the feeling of nausea keeps coming back, this means your body still has the alcohol toxin. Lay down on your bed or sofa to stabilize your body while you take a sip of a warm cup of green tea or Japanese tea. One of the best thing about tea is, it keeps your bladder full; keeping you busy releasing your urination in the toilet. This method is useful to clean up your body system.



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