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The BMI Calculator measures our Body Mass Index which shows a comparative weight based on an solitary mass and height. It is easy way to assess how much our body mass withdraw from what is normal or Admirable for a individual of our height. The best BMI scale is 20- 25,below 20 shows we are underweight and above 25 shows that we are overweight.

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The ORGANICOSLIM BMR Calculator scale your Basal Metabolic Rate which indicate actual calories burnt during resting. That’s why also pronounce as Restal Metabalolic Rate (RMR). It calculates in kilo joules per hour per kg of body weight.

On an average around 50% to 75% of the daily energy consumed is credited to the RMR.

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The ORGANICOSLIM DCI calculator calculate our daily calories needed in order to maintain, lose or gain mass based on our weight, height, age and gender.

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The ORGANICOSLIM Body Fat Percentage Calculator uses the formula to calculate overall consumption of body fat. yet the WDT is the most accurate way to calculate body fat percent, however the NBF test or YMCA formula is enough correct within 1-3% for most people.

The BAI is another way of calculating human body fat.

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